Monday, March 1, 2010

Frolicking in the snow and other things

In case you're wondering (because I did), I did not misspell frolicking. It's just a naturally ridiculous-looking word, I guess. Anyways, moving on. Today I frolicked in the snow with my 9-year-old friend Catherine from the Healing Home. I think she's still deciding whether or not she likes the new girl in town (or I guess country for that matter), but something about mass amounts of fluffy, white goodness sprinkled across the ground seems to break down barriers. The only thing that matters on a day like today is taking advantage of the unusual opportunity (for both of us) to build a snow man, throw snowballs, and listen to the crunch of clear, fresh snow being dominated by our feet. For a short while, I almost forgot how dirty it is around here for the clever white disguise. That is, until I picked up a layer of snow to reveal the underlying truth..

Check out our awesome Chinese snowman of questionable sanitary quality, accompanied by the high-maintenance, though indisputably adorable, Catherine.


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